Michael P. Buckley, President
Organized Resourceful Collaborator
Articulate Credible and Persuasive
Practical Experience and Process-Oriented
Broad Understanding of Development Processes
Financial Feasibility, Mixed-Use Concepts
Repositioning and Turnaround Strategies

Real Estate Development Best Practices
Development Chronology
Design / Layout Feasibility
Market Conditions Impacts
Development Pro Forma Analyses
Trial and Deposition Approaches

Credentials / Experience
High Profile Industry Contacts
30 years Development Consulting as
President , Halcyon Ltd and Partner, Ernst & Young
Advisor on Privatization and Urban Financing
Work with Developers, Corporations Financial Institutions
Academic Faculty MIT, Columbia Univ, UTA / CfMD

Expert Witness & Litigation Support

Mixed-Use Entertainment Prototype
Trial Strategy and Deposition for Investor Group who Cancelled suburban Entertainment Mixed-Use project.

Tenant Dispute
Pre-Trial Strategy, Deposition and Trial Testimony for Owner to refute Tenant claims of upgrade disruption

Anchor Dispute
Expert Witness and Testified on behalf of Developer midway through repositioning refuting Tenant claims

Office/Residential /Retail Town Center
For national REIT prepared strategy to support decision to halt funding $375 Million Office/Retail/Residential Town

Federated Bankruptcy
Pre-Trial strategy , Deposed in NYC and appeared in Federal Court Cincinnati in Anchor replacement dispute

Department Store Covenant Dispute
Expert Witness and Deposed for Owner against the withdrawal of Dept. Store in an urban Mixed-Use Center.

Office Mixed-Use
For National Retail Tenant in occupancy dispute with Office Developer; prepared strategy to disprove claims.

Challenging Projects
Flexible Professional Responses

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