Michael P. Buckley, President

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Re-Branding Retail Mixed-Use

Prudential Center, Boston
Facing aging Office Towers, poorly perceived Retail, lack of all-weather connections, Halcyon created Spe- cialty Retail and Foodservice Scenarios with clusters of community-based services in response to citizen groups; Assisted in organizing Leasing / Management

Louisville Galleria Redevelopment
City of Louisville and Oxford Properties hired Halcyon's Principal with E&Y to reposition the Louisville Galleria. Scenarios described Site and Use Concepts, Market Support and Feasibility for development risk. We also solicited and secured Cordish Co. as new Developer.

Crystal City Revitalization
For CES / Vornado, conceived a retail makeover of Crystal Drive-- long regarded as an 'Empty Quarter' due to mainly Service Retail. Halcyon's Merchandising Mix created a series of pedestrian experiences with transformed Streetscape of Cafes and Specialty Retail

Red Bird Mall Repositioning
Halcyon tested alternatives for an underperforming shopping center, including a Residential Village with street restaurants and community Grocery anchor. Schematic Layouts provided upgrade estimates to drive Investment Feasibility and generation of Tax Increment.

Adding Value with
Destination Quality Merchandising
and Tenant Mix Concepts

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