Michael P. Buckley, President

UTA CfMD Advanced Studio
Vision Planning For Urban Districts

Ft Worth Jones Corridor
Vision Plan for 5 vacant Ft Worth blocks to address city's objective to recruit "Tomorrow's Jobs Today". Components include: new City Hall; GeoTech Tower with Oil & Gas Institute, Children's Center, Urban Lofts, Convention Hotel; STEM Merit School ,Digital Arts Academy; Loop Trolley.

Dallas CBD Vision Plan
Scenario for vacant / underutilized Dallas core sites with niche market uses and destination concepts for Prototype Workplace / MXD Residential; substantial Tax Increment offsets infrastructure; SkyRide Transit Loop connects 3 Mothership Parking Garages linked to Office / Residential.

Dallas I-35 Freeway Debate
Vision Plan to eliminate existing barrier to Urban Core expansion: Construct Tunnel adjacent to Freeway; Relocate and cover with landscaped Park as amenity for Residential and Citi Center MXD; Substantial Tax Increment committed to match Federal funds.

FW Panther Island MXD District
Downtown Fort Worth faces an industrial zone subject to flooding; Bypass channels could establish constant level, affording Riverfront sites, an unusual opportunity with no displaced residents. Vision Plan creates $360 Million Tax Increment to match Federal funds; Increased value Parcel Sales by new Development Corp. pays for streetscape.

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